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help the toolbox grow...

When I began my teaching career over 20 years ago, I was equipped with a solid education, a passion for music, love for teaching, and loads of ideas and enthusiasm. What I lacked, in addition to invaluable experience accrued over time, was resources! 


It's taken years for me to patiently build resources in my studio and music library. My hope is that this site will help fellow teachers, students and parents of students build resources that advance their musicality and enjoyment of teaching, practicing and performing. While creating these resources is an enormously enjoyable pastime for me (you know, some people watch TV or knit), I have discovered that maintaining a website costs money, not to mention time. As you use this site, and your own library of resources grows, I invite you to make a donation. 

My studio "toolbox," or,

as my students affectionately

refer to it, "the closet of doom."

thank you!
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